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Volumetric Flasks,Class A, ST Stopper SIBATA VEEGEE 2306A Series

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SIBATA® brand, Volumetric, Class A, Ground Glass, ST Stopper, To Contain

Model # and Capacity

2306A-5                                5 mL

2306A-10                             10 mL

2306A-25                             25 mL

2306A-50                             50 mL

2306A-100                           100 mL

2306A-200                           200 mL

2306A-250                           250 mL

2306A-500                           500 mL

2306A-1000                         1000 mL

2306A-2000                         2000 mL

Price : $144.91CAD
Prices are in Canadian Dollars, F.O.B. Mississauga, ON. For 2+ Quantity , Contact us for better pricing.

SIBATA 2306A-Series Micro Volumetric Flasks meet ASTM E-237 Class A, Style I Specifications. Feature machine-blown bodies and heavy-beaded, heavy-tubing necks, tooled for ST stoppers. The graduation line is sharp and permanent; large, white, block-letters allow the labeling to be easily read. Both sizes feature hexagonal bases for added stability and are supplied with a glass ST stopper.

VEEGEE Model No : 2306A-5,2306A-5,2306A-10,2306A-10,2306A-25,2306A-25,2306A-50,2306A-50,2306A-100,2306A-100,2306A-200,2306A-200,2306A-250,2306A-250,2306A-500,2306A-500,2306A-1000,2306A-1000,2306A-2000,2306A-2000

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