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About Us

Maple Lab Systems, Inc. is a 100% Canadian owned operation based and established in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario. Founded in 2012, we are a company poised for growth. Our unparalleled depth of expertise and broad range of capabilities makes us a trusted partner for laboratories across Canada and for leading international manufacturers based in North America and Asia.
Our mission is to build long-term relationships through innovative solutions, dedication, and mutual understanding that nurtrures the productivity of our customers and enables us to achieve sustainable growth for a better tomorrow.



We have a vision to become the market leader in Canada for the supply of laboratory furniture, equipment, glassware, plasticware, chemicals, consumables and accessories.
We value our professional approach, our ability to provide innovative solutions and our dedication to be accountable for all actions and results. We adhere to our commitment and strive to learn, understand and implement new concepts with continous improvement.