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Laboratory Fume Hoods

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Clean Benches

Ductless Fume Hoods -


PCR Workstations -


U V Sterilization Cabinets -


Price : $10354.00CAD
Prices are in Canadian Dollars, F.O.B. Mississauga, ON. For 2+ Quantity , Contact us for better pricing.

Clean Benches
Safety Features1) UV-blocking tempered glass sliding door with advanced sash mechanism.
2) Automatic switch off of the UV lamp when the door is opened unintentionally.
3) Lighting mode selection by a 3-position toggle switch (UV/OFF/Fluorescent) preventing harmful UV exposure.
4) 99.99% efficient HEPA filter.
5) Two separate fuses protecting against overcurrent.
6) Magnehelic differential pressure gauge measuring pressure drop across the HEPA filter to monitor its efficiency. 

Constructional Features1) Optimal PWM (pulse width modulation) control. 
2) Large-capacity blower maintaining sufficient intake flow rate and reducing noise. 
3) Dirt-repellent powder coating on the external surface.
4) Easy-to-reach light and blower switches. 
5) Grade 304 stainless steel work surface with high chemical resistance against various organic solvents.
Ductless Fume Hoods
Constructional Features1) Easy-to-operate control panel:
    - Consist of fluorescent lamp, Fan Start/Stop, Blower speed controller, alarm, menu and etc. 
2) Built-in anemometer for visually monitoring real-time input air velocity
3) Transparent front door and both sides made of acrylic resin providing clear inside view
4) Door Stay: fixture to fix it when door open at 2 step. 
    (if it’s dropped without backing up, result in damage, and fixing magnetic enable to open hold it to 1 step-door.)
5) Protection against overcurrent 
6) Optional mobile stand with lockable casters for easy relocation
PCR Workstations
UV Sterilization Cabinets
Constructional Features1) Powerful and uniformly distributed UV-C illumination (average lifespan: 8,000 hours) 
2) Automatic switch off of the UV lamp when the door is opened unintentionally
3) 99.99% efficient HEPA filter.
4) Protection against overcurrent 
5) Pre-filter extending the life of main HEPA filters (for PW models only)
6) Intelligent digital controller for timer, alarm, and blower speed (for PW models only)
7) Chemical-resistant work surface (UVC-series)
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