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Light Box with accessories ( Optical kit Accessories) MLS-1117

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Comes complete with the below accessories and is used to perform experiments in reflection, refraction and color mixing. The box has hinged sides with mirrors used for mixing of colors and rays of light. An adjustable lens in the box is used to produce divergent, convergent or parallel rays of light. The light box has grooves to accept slit plates or color filters. Operates on 12 V. Spare bulb provided. Supplied in a thermocole box with place for each part. Included in the kit are: 8 Acrylic plastic blocks - one rectangular, one semi-circular, one double concave, one equilateral 60 x 60 x 60 deg., two right angle 90 x 60 x 30 deg. & 90 x 45 45 deg., one circular, one double convex. 8 mounted color filters. 2 Slit Plates. 3 Mirrors - one plane mirror, one semicircular, one parabolic. 1 Set of Colored Cards.
Instructions included.
12V / 2 Amp DC Power Supply Required ( not included ).
All measurements are approximate.

Price : $58.00CAD

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