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Whirl-Pak Nasco Swing Sampler - 24 ft. (7.32 m) B01366

Whirl-Pak Nasco Swing Sampler - 24 ft. (7.32 m) B01366
As low as $265.31CAD
IN STOCK Model: B01366 Delivery Time: 8-9 days
  • The end of the sampler swings, allowing collection from different angles, including 90°.
  • The 8-ft. (2.44 m) adjustable fiberglass pole extends to 24 ft. (7.32 m) providing a long length for any sampling situation.
  • Unit comes with a 960 ml polyethylene bottle and the cover has a vinyl liner for leak-proof protection. The bottle is attached to a polyurethane holder and is held in place with a plastic snapper ring that has an adjustable locking device. Other types of bottles may be used but a different type of fastener may be required to hold the bottle in place. One-year warranty.
  • Weight 5 Kg
  • Dimensions 104 Inch x 5 Inch x 6.5 Inch