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CUL-TECT, Urine Culture Stabilization Transport Container, 90mL Tite-Rite Container with Screw Cap, PP 9001

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Cul-Tect­™ features a unique boric acid/sodium formate tablet that protects the viability of urinary tract bacteria for quantitation, culture and identification.  The dissolving tablet stabilizes urine specimens for up to 72 hours at room temperature without altering microbiological testing procedures.  More effective than boric acid alone, it helps prevent the "over-growth" of incidental organisms (typically skin flora) that may accidentally be introduced into the urine sample. Cul-Tect™ is convenient for remote specimen collection sites, where delaysd of a few hours can mean the difference between accurate an dinaccurate results.  It decreases the need for costly, time-consuming repeat sampling as well as the potential misdiagnosis of urinary tract infections.­
Price : $552.08CAD

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