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Portable Personal Desiccator

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TrippNT 50140 Acrylic Portable Personal Desiccator

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TrippNT Portable Personal Desiccator
Designed to store, carry and keep dry samples and chemicals in an acrylic, see-through container.
Removable perforated tray lifts out easily. Lid sits in groove and removes completely.
Perfect for keeping track of individual projects by dedicating its own, private portable desiccator. Constructed of 3/8-inch acrylic. Ideal in drawers, refrigerators and on bench tops.
Airtight seals and solvent welding that eliminate outgassing. Transport and store parts without risking contamination.
This stackable personal desiccator box makes it easy to house and transport delicate, special-need samples.
Stackable; tray inside is removable and perforated to allow air to flow and samples to dry
Made to carry; 3/8" clear acrylic for clear visibility of contents
Fits in drawers, refrigerators or on the bench for special storage needs
Weights 4 lbs.

A small, easy to carry and store, sealed acrylic box with perforated tray for keeping items dry

  • Fits in drawers, refrigerators and cabinets
  • Stackable portable desiccator
  • Removable perforated tray
  • Clear acrylic construction to view contents
  • Useful to keep small items dry
  • Lid sits inside top groove to maintain seal
  • 15 x 4 x 5 inches (width height depth)
  • 4 pounds
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