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  • EX124N/AD #30061997

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    Intelligent Performance No Matter How Difficult the Task!

    • A large color touchscreen gives access to the advanced application modes and icon-driven application software features such as user manager, library, and minimum weight indication.
    • Explorer features fast stabilization times, optimized linearity and repeatability specifications, enhanced vibration filtering as well as AutoCal™ calibration to ensure accuracy.
    • The draftshield provides easy entry to the weighing chamber through the flip or sliding top door and the top-mounted side doors which can be automatically controlled on /AD models.

    Product Specifications

    Maximum Capacity 120 g
    Readability 0.1 mg
    Readability (Certified) 1 mg
    Pan Size (Ø_Diameter) 90.0 mm (3.5 in)
    Internal Calibration AutoCal™ - Automatic
    Draftshield Included
    Working Environment 50°F – 86°F, 85%RH, non-condensing
    Auto Door Included
    Battery Life Not Applicable
    Minimum Weight (USP), Typical 0.16 g
    In-use cover Included
    Linearity ± 0.0002 g
    Tare Range To capacity by subtraction
    Stabilization Time 2 s
    Test Weight 100g, OIML E2 or ASTM CL 4
    Auxiliary Display Model Available as an Accessory
    Display Full-color 5.7 in VGA, touch screen
    Repeatability (typical) 0.0001 g
    Legal for Trade NTEP Certified;
    Measurement Canada Approved
    Pan Construction Stainless Steel
    Power AC Adapter (Included)
    Net Weight 6.9 kg (15.2 lb)
    Dimensions (Height) 350.0 mm (13.8 in)
    Dimensions (Length) 393.0 mm (15.5 in)
    Dimensions (Width) 230.0 mm (9.1 in)
    Working Environment 10°C – 30°C, 85%RH, non-condensing


    Logistic Specifications

    Country of origin US
    Customs tariff number 9016002000
    Hazardous material Yes
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