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Digital Refractometers VEE GEE

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Item #
Item Name Scale Brix Measuring Range Refrective Index Measuring Range
VEE GEE PDX-1 Digital Refractometer
Brix NaCl Refractive Index (nD)
0.0 - 65.0 % 1.3330 - 1.4535 nD
VEE GEE PDX-2 Digital Refractometer Brix Moisture in Honey Refractive Index (nD) 40.0 - 95.0 % 1.3990 - 1.5320 nD
VEE GEE PDX-95 Digital Refractometer Brix NaCl Refractive Index(nD) 0.0 - 95.0 % 1.3330 - 1.5320 nD



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  • Top-Level Features In A Palmtop Design

  • High Accuracy & Wide Ranges

  • Brix & Refractive Index Scales On All Models

The PDX-Series from VEE GEE delivers digital accuracy and high-end features for precise Brix and R.I. readings at the portable level. All models are exceptionally simple to operate and provide fast and highly accurate results for liquid solids testing.

Operation consists of placing 1 or 2 drops of sample on the prism and pressing the READ/ENTER key; within 1 second, the reading is shown on the extra-large LCD display. With one push of the ZERO button, all models are calibrated with distilled water. Oil standards are no longer needed for calibration.

The PDX models are built around an industry-leading, high-resolution (2048 pixels) linear CCD sensor and extra-large, menu driven LCD display. The rugged construction of these refractometers will provide years of reliable use. The water-resistant design allows them to be used in humid or harsh conditions; the stainless-steel sample well stands up to even corrosive samples.

To further ensure accurate testing the PDX models can be easily programmed with high and low limits. If a measurement falls outside of the target range, the red LED alarm and LCD will flash to quickly alert the operator. With accuracy of Brix ±0.1, scales for R.I./NaCl/Honey Moisture, automatic temperature compensation, a linear high-resolution CCD sensor, and low power consumption, the PDX-Series are instruments which will perform with unparalleled fidelity.

Go with a name you can trust for the highest level in laboratory instruments...choose VEE GEE.


VEEGEE Model No : 44001,44002,44101

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