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Portable Dry Ice Maker

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Dry-ice when you need it.

2lbs block produced in 1 minute.

Uses liquid CO2.

Price : $1920.76CAD

Portable Dry-Ice Maker

The Portable Dry-Ice Maker is the fastest way of providing a block of Dry-Ice for your needs. It is compact and lightweight, requires no electrical power and is safe and simple to use. Most importantly it is there to give you immediate access to Dry-Ice (-109.3°F) when you need it. The economy of having Dry-Ice 'on-tap' can provide considerable financial savings.

The Portable Dry-Ice Maker produces a block (not slush!) of approximately 2.2Lbs (1KG) in weight in about 1 minute. Yield from a 75 lbs liquid cylinder - 5 to 6 blocks at room temperature. (Yield can appreciably increase at lower ambient temperatures, i.e. @ 41°F approximately 1/3 more blocks may be produced.)

The unit comes complete with hose ready to connect to a cylinder of compressed liquid CO2 with an internal siphon and standard CGA-320 valve. Full instructions provided. (Note: We do not sell gas cylinders/tanks, which can be obtained from local gas dealers or welding supply stores.)

2 year warranty.

Portable Dry-Ice Maker Specifications:

Dimensions of Dry-Ice Maker:8.9" Long x 6.3" Wide x 6.3" High 

Dimensions of block produced: 7.0" Long x 3.2" Wide x 4.3"High  

Portable Dry-Ice Maker Ordering Information:

Catalog No.  300001

Portable Dry-Ice Maker, with steel pressure hose and gas pressure guage

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