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Laboratory Refrigerators & Freezers

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General Purpose Laboratory Refrigerators


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Eco-friendly lab refrigeration systems with advanced safety features providing stable refrigerated environments for research, clinical, and industrial laboratories


Safety Features

  • High as well as low temperature alerts with visual and audible alarms when the temperature exceeds the set temperature limits

  • Open door alert: 

    - 1st : Visible alarm for two minutes after the door is opened

    - 2nd: Audible alarm thereafter if the door is still open

  • Automatic shutdown of the fan for minimizing heat loss when the door is opened

  • Two separate fuses protecting against overcurrent

  • Built-in door lock

Operational Features

  • Intuitive and easy-to-operate control panel with vivid and colorful vacuum fluorescent display (VFD), touch-sensitive buttons, and a jog dial 

    - Keypad lock button preventing inadvertent parameter changes 

    - Easy temperature unit conversion between °C and °F 

  • Setting and resolution indication: 

    - Temperature: 0.1℃ / ℉. 

    - Signal indication for operation status. 

    - Visible set values: set point (SP) / present value (PV) displayed together on the display.

  • CPU logic control system offering precise temperature control as well as high energy efficiency

  • Optimizing defrost systems 

    - Innovative auto-defrost system automatically activated when detecting trace amount of frost build-up 

       in the evaporator (only for 150, 300, 650 models)

  • Three types of recorders to choose from (optional) 

    - Dot recorder (6 point) 

    - Chart recorder (6”, 24hr/7days)

    - Thermal line recorder

Constructional Features

  • A full line of laboratory refrigerators with chamber volumes ranging from 156 L to 1395 L

  • High-quality 304 grade stainless steel chamber interior and dirt-repellent external surface with powder coating

  • Built-in fluorescent lighting for all refrigerators (except for CLG-150 Models)

  • Double-pane tempered glass door with built-in wire heater providing clear inside view of the chambers

    (for the models with glass doors only)

  • Double-cushioned magnetic door seal for absorbing impact from opening and closing the door

  • Fully insulated chamber ensuring minimal chamber temperature fluctuation

  • Built-in 50mm diameter cable port for external probes or wires (except for CLG-150 Models)

  • High thermal efficiency evaporation system made of low corrosion material

  • Built-in casters for easy transport (except for CLG-150 Models)

  • Dedicated stand with casters and stacking kit for 150 Models for use in labs with limited space (optional)

  • Various accessories

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