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Weight: 9 Kg
Width: 18 Inch
Height: 14 Inch
Depth: 38 Inch

Carboy Shelves- Shelf Mount Mount 36x16 Inch Model # CS-36-S-16

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Shelf mounted Carboy shelves are available in 12 Inch and 16 Inch depth. Model numbers available are from CS-18-S-12 (12 Inch Deep x 18 InchW ) to CS-48-S-12 (4 Inch Deep x 60 InchW ) S stands for Shelf Mount
Price : $487.87CAD

The Carboy shelf system has a number of unique features that distinguish it away from the competition. Past being manufactured from #304 stainless steel with a #4 finish, each shelf unit is built with a rail system on the underside for support. If requested, the unit can be supplied with an adjustable graduated cylinder racking system. This system adds our adjustable C and H brackets which allows you to custom fit any of your cylinders for drying and storage.
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