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Weight: 1 Kg
Width: 4 Inch
Height: 3 Inch
Depth: 20 Inch

Stainless Steel Drain Grid 18x4 Inch Model # DG-18-4

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To accommodate smaller tools and equipment. 2 Inch or 4 Inch wide drain grid for drip trough. . Model numbers available are from DG-18-2 (2 Inch Deep x 18 InchW ) to DG-48-4 (4 Inch Deep x 48 InchW )
Price : $117.48CAD

The stainless steel drain grids are ideal for keeping items off the bottom of the trough. Also they can be utilized as a drying shelf. These items can be used with any Inter Dyne Systems drip trough or Victoria Style pegboard.
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