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Acrylic Splash Guard 25x18x.50 Model # ASG-2518-0.50

Acrylic Splash Guard 25x18x.50 Model # ASG-2518-0.50
Acrylic divider panels are available in standard dimensions or can be custom made to requirement: Standard Models available are ASG-2512-0.50 (25 Inch Wide x 12.5 InchH,0.5 Inch Thickness) upto ASG-3018-0.75 (30 Inch Wide x 18.5 InchH,0.75 Inch Thickness) Please contact sales@maplelabystems.com for more information
As low as $281.32CAD
IN STOCK Model: ASG-2518-0.50 Delivery Time: 1-3 Weeks
Divide your work area, protect against potential sink splashing or just create a learning space for students. These clear, extruded, acrylic divider panels allow light to flow through the work area, providing for a safe, bright work environment. All panels are supplied with eased and flame-polished edges for a clear, uniform finish. The upper front corner comes with a 2 radius to prevent potential snagging or bumping. Panels can be supplied with stainless steel U-shaped channels that are available in three styles and are easy to install. Select the divider panel with a rear 1 deep x 4 tall curb notch and allow it to fit perfectly to your countertop, or just place it next to a sink bowl or a service chase to block any potential splashing that may occur. Dividers are available in and thickness as standard, but very simply and quickly allow us to create one for you from 3/8 or even thick if you would prefer.
  • Weight 6 Kg
  • Dimensions 26 Inch x 21 Inch x 3 Inch