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Acrylic Pegboard 24x30 inch Model # APB-2430

Acrylic Pegboard 24x30 inch Model # APB-2430
Acrylic Pegboards are available in standard dimensions or can be custom made to requirement: Standard Models available are AP-1824 (18 Inch Wide x 24.5 InchH) , AP-2424(24 Inch Wide x 24.5 InchH) upto AP-6036. Please contact sales@maplelabystems.com for more information
As low as $654.27CAD
IN STOCK Model: APB-2430 Delivery Time: 1-3 Weeks
Light has become a highly desired commodity in todays ever changing lab environment and hence acrylic pegboards are used much more in todays lab then before. Our acrylic pegboards are made out of either 3/4 In or 1 In thick clear acrylic. Pegboards can be supplied with a frosted back to diffuse light, if desired. Pegs are available in white or black and in three different lengths. Bevels can be added at the bottom to pitch water away from wall or stainless steel troughs can be easily added. All edges are eased and flame polished for a clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing finish. Standard and custom sizes are available.
  • Weight 13 Kg
  • Dimensions 25 Inch x 33 Inch x 3 Inch