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Spring Balance Transparent 1000gm MLS-37

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These spring scales are calibrated in Newtons and Grams. Each scale is color coded with a transparent body. There is a hook at each end and a thumb screw for manual calibration.

Maximum Weight: 10N / 1000g
Color:  (colors may vary)
Graduations: Grams: 0 to 1000 x 20g
Graduations: Newtons: 0 to 10 x 0.25N
Total Length with Hooks: 256mm / 10.08 Inches

Important Points
Each size is color-coded with a transparent body
Do not attempt to lift more weight than the scale is designed for
Do not use in liquid
Do not expose to strong acid or alkaline substances
No extreme temperatures (operates best 10 to 40C / 50 to 104F)
Clean after each use and store in a dry place

Price : $18.00CAD

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