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Whirl-Pak Nasco MeatTurkey Carcass Sampling Kit B01324

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This kit is designed for sampling meat and poultry carcasses to test for the presence of E. coli. The kit contains a pair of non-handed size large sterile polyethylene gloves, 25 ml buffered peptone water (the peptone water has an expiration date marked on the box), a Whirl-Pak® Speci-Sponge® bag, and two disposable sterile templates, one for meat carcasses (10 x 10 cm) and one for poultry (5 x 10 cm). The disposable template eliminates the need for re-sanitizing reusable templates, saving time and money, making it easier to transport the template to the carcass. The flexible heavy paper templates form to the contours of the carcass, making it easier to swab within the required area. The gloves and templates are packaged together in a sealed plastic bag that has a perforation for easy opening. Following USDA instructions, moisten the sponge with half of the peptone water, swab the carcass through the template in three places for meat carcasses and two places on turkeys. Place the sponge back in the bag, add the rest of the peptone water, close the bag, and send to a lab for testing. Box of 25 kits.

Shelf life from Sterilization date found on the Sterility Documentation: 2 years due to the buffer

Two-year shelf-life with ambient storage at 36°-86° F (2°-30° C). The bags are packaged in a foil liner bag to prevent evaporation of the buffer. Buffer contains monopotassium phosphate, sodium thiosulfate, and aryl sulfonate complex.

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